Research into wireless channels for intra-vehicle communication and positioning

Aim of project

Measurement and modeling of the intra-vehicle channel for WPAN application in the UWB, millimeter-wave (MMW), and infra-red (IR) bands and for object localization application in the UWB, and MMW bands. Improvement of the channel models for data transfers and definition of the boundaries of channel parameters for different scenarios and channel state. The project aims include:

  • Creation of the workplace for measurement of MMW, UWB, and IR signal propagation within the vehicle;
  • Measurement of the intra-vehicle signal propagation for WLAN, sensor network and positioning applications;
  • Analysis and modeling of MMW and UWB signal propagation for WPAN and sensor network application, verification and improvement of the existing channel models;
  • Analysis and modeling of the IR propagation within the vehicle for WPAN application;
  • Verification of usability of the MMW, UWB, and optical bands for particular application and determination of accessible parameters.